Charter Sponsors

Charter Sponsors are early supporters of the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE). Their financial contributions made it possible for AWE to begin it's work toward becoming North America’s authoritative resource for water efficiency. Please take a moment to view the entire listing of organizations and people that graciously contributed, and that have an interest in promoting the vision and mission of AWE.  

Charter Sponsorships are no longer being accepted; however, please consider becoming an annual member of AWE, and join us in promoting an efficient and sustainable water future. 

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Charter Sponsors: $1,000 each

  • Richard Chapman
  • William Christiansen
  • Mary Ann Dickinson
  • George Kunkel
  • Demie Moore
  • Barbara Payne
  • Amy Vickers
  • Brian Vinchesi 
  • Chris Woodcock
  • Hugh Wynn