Water Efficiency Watch Newsletter

Water Efficiency Watch is the online newsletter of the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE).  Each issue contains a collection of the latest information of water efficiency and conservation from the US, Canada, and around the globe. Water Efficiency Watch is edited by staff, but originally edited by AWE Technical Advisor Peter Mayer from late-2007 to mid-2019.

Current Newsletter

23-3 #101July WES  2023 - 2023 Water Efficiency & Conservation Symposium; Policy Updates; Research Updates;  Member Spotlights; News Briefs.

Archived Issues


22-7 #100 WES March 2023 - 2023 Water Efficiency & Conservation Symposium; Policy Updates; AWE Updates; News from Members and Partners; Member Spotlights; News Briefs.


22-7 #99 WES July 2022 - Thank you Water Efficiency Professionals; Legislative Update; AWE Updates; News from Members and Partners; Member Spotlights; News Briefs.

22-5 #98 WEW May 2022 - AWE Roundtable on Delivering Water Conservation Programs to Disadvantaged Households: Recap; AWE Regional Member Meetings; WaterSmart Drought Resiliency and Water Efficiency Grants; Water Funding in President Biden’s Budget; Member Spotlights; Next Generation Water Summit; Value of Water Survey Shows Americans Support Water Infrastructure Investment; Utah Legislation Addresses Water Shortages; News Briefs

22-3 #97 WEW March 2022 - Fix a Leak Week; Member Spotlights; AWE Webinars and Roundtable Discussion; Emerging Water Technology Symposium; Exemplary Wholesalers added to AWE’s G480-20 Leaderboard; DOE Finalizes Rules to Revert to Standards for Showerheads, Dishwashers and Clothes washers; Apply for SWAT Award; Next Generation Water Summit; AWE Sponsorship Opportunities; News Briefs.

22-1 #96 WEW January 2022 - Department of Energy Officially Reverses Weakened Showerhead Standards; Tax-Free Water Conservation Rebates; States Volunteer to Take More Cuts in Colorado River Water; New Report - Integrating Land Use and Water Management; Welcome New Directors to AWE Board; Thank You, Bill; WateReuse Symposium; California Irrigation Institute Conference; Member Spotlights; News Briefs.


21-11 #95 WEW November 2021 - WaterSmart Innovations Recap; AWE Direct Distribution Programs with Flume and Rachio; AWE Comment Letter in favor of WaterSense Funding; NAWL 2021; Abstracts for EWTS; Learning Landscapes Grant Awardees; Member Spotlight; World Toilet Day; News Briefs.

21-9 #94 WEW September 2021 - AWE Launches Version 4.0 of Water Conservation Tracking Tool; Lake Mead Water Shortage; WSI and AWE Meetings in Las Vegas; Imagine a Day Without Water; DOE Proposes Reversal of Weakened Water Efficiency Standards; Legislative Update; Emerging Water Technology Symposium - Submit Abstracts; 37th Annual WateReuse Symposium; USBR WaterSMART Grants; AWE Member Spotlight; News Briefs.

21-7 #93 WEW July 2021 - WaterSmart Innovations Conference and AWE Meetings; AWE Launches Pilot Program for Whole-Home Flow Monitoring Devices and Smart Irrigation Controllers; AWE Sends Letter Asking for Water Efficiency Funding; New G480 Water Conservation Standard; AWE Grant Program Funds Educational Gardens; Examining the Water and Land Use Connection in Water Utility Planning Requirements; Smart Irrigation Month; Drought Response Resources; Peter Mayer Wins George Anderson Award; AWE Member Spotlight; News in Brief.

21-5 #92 WEW May 2021 - American West Prepares for Drought; Water Data Breakthrough - Flume Introduces Quarterly Household Water Use Index; Promising Water Investments in Proposed Infrastructure Bill; AWE Launches First-Ever Cooling Tower Estimating Model; A Review of Connection Fees and Service Charges by Meter Size; Next Generation Water Summit; AWWA ACE; California Peer to Peer Conference; WaterSmart Innovations; News in Brief.

21-3 #91 WEW March 2021 - AWE Hires Ron Burke as President and CEO; AWE Releases Cooling Tower Estimating Model and Guide; Ron Voglewede Appointed to Michigan Council on Climate Solutions; WSI 2021; Legal Appeal of DOE Rulemakings; AWWA Releases New G480 Standard; New EPA Specifications; Fix a Leak Week; Tax-Exempt Rebates in GREEN Act; Upcoming Webinars; AWE Corporate Advisory Council; News Briefs.

21-1 #90 WEW January 2021 - Department of Energy Issues Final Rules That Slash Efficiency Standards; AWE and Water & Planning Network Host a Webinar; Welcome to Two New AWE Board Members; New Category of G480 Verification; Open Channel Systems; Fix a Leak Week; AWE Member Interview: Jill Greiner; Beta Test the Revamped Home Water Works Site; WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition Issues Call for Abstracts; and more.


20-11 #89 WEW November 2020 - AWE Files Comments on Proposed DOE Showerhead and Clothes Washer Regulations; Executive Order on Water Infrastructure; Learning Landscapes Grant Awardees; AWE Webinar with Vessel the Leak Detecting Dog; CalWEP Peer to Peer; AWE Water Star Award; AWE Welcomes New Program Associate; City of Hillsboro, Oregon Deploys In-PRV Pressure Management & Micro-hydro System; AWE New Member Spotlight – Metrus Energy; and more.

20-9 #88 WEW September 2020 - Trump Administration Rolls Back Showerhead and Clothes Washer Efficiency; Tribute to A Water Conservation Warrior; Introduction to Conservation Planning Course with Amy Vickers; G480 Update; Chronic Underinvestment in America’s Water Infrastructure Puts the Economy at Risk; Interview with SCV’s Matt Dickens; “Sustainable Waters” Maps Water Shortages; Census Data Helps Conservation Planning; News briefs and member updates.

20-7 #87 WEW July 2020 - AWE Releases Report on Water Affordability in Detroit; Congress Passes HR 2—Includes Tax Exemption for Water Conservation Rebates; Smart Irrigation Month; Upcoming Conferences; Texas Water Conservation Scorecard; Still Time to Support WaterSense; Tom Ash, Tireless Water Conservation Missionary; Business Member Spotlight: ConserveTrack; and much more.

20-5 #86 WEW May 2020 - WaterSense Needs Your Help; Learning Landscapes Grant Program; #GivingTuesdayNow; Water Sector Vigilance in response to COVID-19; 84% of Americans Want Increased Investment in Water; CalWEP Tools and Tips for Working at Home; Register for the next Innovations in Efficiency Webinar; Member Interview with Jennifer Walker; Conferences Rescheduled.

20-3 #85 WEW March 2020 - WaterWays Platform launched as New AWE Member Benefit; Fix a Leak Week; World Water Day; Lake Mead Rising; Are Our Water Efficiency Standards Still in Jeopardy?; AWE Op-ed in Resilience Matters: Action in an Age of Uncertainty; Next Webinar on April 16 in AWE’s Exemplary Programs Series; and much more.

20-1 #84 WEW January 2020 - AWE Launches Drought Restrictions Study; The Latest with President Trump and Water Efficient Fixtures; New Rebate Membership Offering – WaterWays; Thank you to our Holiday Giving Campaign donors; Practical Plumbing Handbook; USBR WaterSMART Program Funding Opportunities; and much more.


19-11 #83 WEW November 2019 - Water Efficiency in Congress; AWE Signs Multiple Showerhead MOU with PMI; AMI Project Update and November 21 Webinar; AWE Water Star Award winner: Kathy Nguyen; Revising the AWE Tracking Tool; Update on AWE’s Cooling Technology Study; and much more. 

19-9 #82 WEW September 2019 - AWE Launches New and Improved Website; WaterSmart Innovations 2019 Preview and AWE Annual Member Meetings; AWE Survey on Research Priorities; AWE’s Advocacy Efforts on WaterSense Program and Tax-Exempt Rebates for Water Efficiency and Conservation; and much more.

19-7 #81 WEW July 2019 - Nevada passes water efficiency legislation in response to AWE scorecard; US Chamber joins effort to secure WaterSense funding and tax-free rebates; Newsletter founder and editor Peter Mayer steps down after 18 years; AWE member spotlight on the City of Sacramento; AWE member news; and much more.

19-5 #80 WEW May 2019 - WaterSense on the chopping block again; WaterSense new home specification; Illinois conservation funding; American Water Works Association Water Science; Imperial Irrigation District sues to stop the Drought Contingency Plans; New AWE report on water loss policies; Southern Nevada Water Authority rebates home leak detection devices; AWE member news; and much more.

19-2 #79 WEW February 2019 - AWE Landscape Transformation Study released with major findings; WaterSense to review five major specifications; WaterSense pool cover Notice of Intent; Colorado River; AWE Colorado River State Scorecard; Melissa Elliott elected president of American Water Works Association; and much more.

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