ANSI/AWWA G480-13 (First Edition)

Water Conservation Program Operation and Management Standard

Effective date: July 1, 2013

G480-13-Conservation-standardThe G480 Water Conservation Program Operation and Management Standard is a voluntary standard that can be adopted by water providers at their own discretion.  The G480 standard describes the critical elements of an effective water conservation program and encompasses activities undertaken by a utility within its own operations to improve water use on the supply side through distribution system management and on the demand side through customer billing and education practices. A conservation program meeting this standard has the potential to impact all water users.

The G480 Standard includes the following voluntary requirements:

  • Dedicated staff for conservation efforts (point of contact)
  • Conservation planning
  • Integrated resources planning
  • Public information and education
  • Water waste ordinance
  • Universal metering practices
  • Non-promotional water rate
  • Monthly or bi-monthly billing based on metered use
  • Landscape efficiency program
  • Water loss control program

Additional requirements and verification components are described in detail in the standard document itself. AWE is verifying utility compliance with this standard. Contact the AWE office for more information.

AWWA’s vision for the G-series of voluntary management standards is to enhance public and regulatory confidence while demonstrating continuous improvement efforts of the water industry as a whole.   G=series standards offer water utilities of all types and sizes outcome-oriented, self-assessment tools that go above and beyond established regulations and whose performance is verified by peer evaluators.

Through the G-series effort, AWWA hopes to foster excellence in water utilities through self- and peer-evaluation that encourages continuous improvement while providing confidence to the utility itself and the public and increasing consumer satisfaction with utility services.

It is anticipated that AWWA will soon work to develop a guidebook to assist water utilities in adopting and complying with the G480 Water Conservation Program Operation and Management Standard.  Click here to download a detailed checklist for the Standard.

AWE is recognizing utilities complying with G480 Standards. For the G480 Leaderboard, click here.

Learn more and purchase a copy of the AWWA G480 Standard here.  A portion of sales of this standard go to support programs of the Alliance for Water Efficiency.

Click here for links to watch the July 9, 2014 AWE webinar on the G480 Standard and download a PDF of the webinar presentation.