Toilet Performance Testing


Maximum Performance Testing of Popular Models

Everyone wants a toilet that "does the job" in a single flush.  MaP Testing of toilets was developed to identify how well popular toilet models perform bulk removal using a realistic test media, and to grade each toilet model based on this performance.  The test results provided here list numerous toilet fixtures and the flushing performance of each fixture. This is essential information for anyone buying a new toilet and for agencies offering financial incentives for the purchase of efficient fixtures.  Read more about MaP Testing here.


Unified North American Requirements for Toilet Fixtures

UNAR is a voluntary qualification system adopted by water authorities that believe it is critical to: 1) achieve sustainable water savings from toilet fixture replacements, and 2) ensure a high level of customer satisfaction with flushing performance.  UNAR incorporates elements of the Maximum Performance (MaP) toilet fixture testing protocol together with the Los Angeles Supplementary Purchase Specification (SPS) requirements for chemical resistant flappers and a maximum flush volume under maximum adjustment conditions.  Read more about UNAR here.