Maximum Performance (MaP) Testing

The Only Measurement of Toilet Flush Performance!

Many toilet fixture performance tests exist, including proprietary tests by the fixture manufacturers, tests by Consumer Reports magazine, and the tests mandated by the plumbing codes for fixture certification.  Few of these, however, use test media that closely resembles the real "demands" upon a toilet, i.e., that of human waste.

The Maximum Performance (MaP) testing project was developed in 2003 in order to identify how well popular toilet models perform using a realistic test media.  The testing protocol, cooperatively developed by water-efficiency and plumbing fixture specialists in the U.S. and Canada, incorporated the use of soybean paste as a test media, closely replicating the "real world demand" upon fixtures.  Performance testing of 80 different toilet fixture models was completed and summarized in the Final Report of December 2003.

Now over nine years old, the current MaP lists provide performance information on over 2,050 different tank-type toilet fixture models and 350 commercial flushometer type fixtures.  Over 1,100 are tank-type WaterSense-certified high-efficiency toilets (HETs)!

Go to for the MaP Background Report to see how MaP was developed and read the full test protocol.  Also go to for the very latest MaP listings of tank-type and flushometer fixtures, as well as access to a full-featured 'search tool'. 

Click here to download the latest PDF listing of the 3,000+ tank-type toilet fixtures and their flush performance.

The original development of the MaP test media and test protocol in 2003, as well as the testing of the first group of 80 toilet fixtures, was sponsored by the following 23 organizations:


Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) - Lead Agency
B.C. Capital Regional District, Victoria, British Columbia
B.C. Buildings Corporation, Victoria, British Columbia
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Calgary, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Greater Vancouver Regional District, British Columbia
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hamilton, Ontario
Montreal, Quebec
Ottawa, Ontario
Region of Durham, Ontario
Region of Halton, Ontario
Region of Peel, Ontario
Region of Waterloo, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Alliance for Water Efficiency, Chicago, Illinois
California Urban Water Conservation Council, Sacramento, California
East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, California
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles, California
Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle, Washington
Tampa Bay Water, Clearwater, Florida