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Residential Water Use, Fixtures, and Appliances

Residential water use, both single-family and multi-family, is often the largest single demand sector for a water utility.  The AWE Resource Library pages listed below offer information on residential water use and conservation savings as well as links to the latest research and information about this important end user category.  AWE's summary page on the 1999 Residential End Uses of Water Study (REUWS) provides information on water use by fixture type.



Evaporative Cooling 

Faucet Fixtures 

Home Water Treatment 

Hot Water Distribution Systems 


Residential Clothes Washers 

Residential Dishwashers 

Residential Leakage, Detection, and Mitigation 

Residential Showers 

Non-Compliant Showerheads 

Shower Flow Restrictors 

Shower Timers 

Toilet Fixtures 

Toilet Retrofit Devices 

Landscape and Irrigation Library Content Listing 

Swimming Pools and Spas 

Water Brooms 


Every Precious Drop (2012) Ecohome Magazine (Article on page 33. Please note file is 55 MB and may take time to download) 

Home Water Works Web Site 

Santa Clara Valley Water District (2004) Santa Clara County Residential Water Use Baseline Survey 

Definition of Terms

Looking for a quick definition of a water or conservation related term or concept?  The AWE Glossary has an extensive list of the most commonly used terms in the biz.

AWE Glossary of Common Water Related Terms, Abbreviations, and Definitions 

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