Utility Membership Benefits

The Alliance for Water Efficiency is the leading organization working to promote sustainable water use. By uniting all stakeholders — water suppliers, product manufacturers, service providers, planners, regulatory agencies, academic organizations and advocacy groups — AWE provides your utility a voice in shaping the industry’s future, gives you the tools to design conservation programs and deliver improved water service and provides a measurable return on investment in training, networking, advocacy and research that can only come from AWE.

"I was recently hired to help develop a water conservation program for a small but growing city in southwestern Montana.  No one else is engaging in this type of work in the state at this time but fortunately for us AWE is there. AWE facilitates and advances important and often difficult discussions on current and future challenges for water conservation programs and ways to address them.  Everyone at AWE is willing to take the time to share their expertise and to offer support, giving our program an even greater opportunity for success.” 

Lain Leoniak, Water Conservation Specialist, City of Bozeman, MT   

Membership in AWE allows your utility to:

Participate in public policy advocacy to protect your utility and your customers for the future. 

  • Join forces to pursue effective public policy that shapes your industry and supports water efficiency investments, programs and policies.
  • Gain assistance to exert influence where it matters: ask AWE to provide support letters, help develop legislation, or engage with decision-makers. 
  • Access tools, messages and strategies to effectively promote efficiency investments to regulatory authorities or elected officials.
  • Know what’s around the corner: receive updates on key policy initiatives that affect your utility and customers via AWE’s newsletter, Legislative Watch, and email bulletins.

Access the training, information and assistance you need to provide reliable, affordable water service to customers today and for decades to come. 

  • Tap into the largest and most comprehensive Resource Library of efficiency information and analysis, and benefit from personalized, one-on-one technical assistance from staff.
  • Access free, state-of-the-art tools to plan or expand water efficiency programs, and to pursue financial management practices that ensure revenue stability, resource efficiency and fiscal sustainability: 
  • Access to customize an animated video, "Water, What You Pay For", that seeks to communicate the value of water service and explain why safe drinking water has a cost. - Member Only Offer 
  • Learn the latest on trends, technologies and best practices that you can bring back to your job through discounted webinars, trainings and publications.

Contribute to shaping your industry’s future through active participation and networking with other leaders in efficiency. 

  • Design, plan and participate in groundbreaking research projects to tackle hot issues you need information on, such as outdoor water use, the water-energy nexus, water loss, and drought. 
  • Connect and exchange ideas with a national network of peers, suppliers and influencers at events, committees and more.
  • Participate in advisory committees to influence AWE’s education efforts, research and advocacy.

Demonstrate leadership in sustainability by engaging your customers and stakeholders to build trust, clarity and partnership. 

  • Access and customize sophisticated resources to educate customers about the value of water:
    • Adapt AWE’s Home Water Works website and Household Water Calculator to help customers assess their water use and get personalized tips. - Member Only Offer 
    • Utilize AWE’s Never Waste media campaign to engage the public in a constructive dialogue that compels them to use water wisely.
  • Build confidence in your utility amongst the public, elected officials, and community groups and demonstrate your commitment to tackle the greatest challenges water managers face today.
  • Highlight your successes and leadership through AWE’s Exemplary Program webinar series, AWE newsletters and other channels that reach the water community.

Membership Dues*+

Water Supplier

Public agencies; municipalities; and investor-owned or privately-owned entities that provide water to individuals and communities.  Note: If your agency, municipality, or utility is a retail and wholesale provider of water, annual dues will be calculated using both the number of retail water connections and the amount of wholesale water sold. 

Retail Water Connection       Dues              Wholesale Water Sold (MGD)          Dues      
1.5¢ (or $.015) per connection,      $500             < 20 MGD      $500     
with a floor (min) of $500 and      1.5¢ per             20 MGD - 1 BGD      $25 per MGD     
a max cap of $25,000      $25,000             > 1 BGD     $25,000 

Wastewater Agency

Public agencies; municipalities; and investor-owned or privately-owned entities that process and treat wastewater.  Note: This is only for stand-alone wastewater agencies.

Wastewater Processed & Treated (MGD)  Dues 
< 50 MGD  $500 
50 MGD - 1 BGD  $10 per MGD 
> 1 BGD  $10,000 

*Dues will not decrease but remain at the previous year's level until exceeded, based on the annual dues calculation. 
+Multi-year AWE memberships are now available! We have discounted all membership categories, under our new multi-year membership initiative. AWE offers the following discounts: 1) 5% discount on pre-paid 2-year memberships; and 2) 10% discount on pre-paid 3-year memberships. So, opt for a multi-year membership and receive a discount on your total membership dues. Indicate your preferred membership period when applying via our online membership application, and we will follow-up accordingly. 

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