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Water Loss Control

Water Loss Control – water efficiency practices of water suppliers – is an emerging field of practice that should be better incorporated into the drinking water utility industry in order to ensure efficiency of safe drinking water, which is the backbone of civilized society.  The AWE Resource Library pages listed below offer information on water loss control as well as links to the latest research and information about this important topic.

Water Loss Control Pages

Water Loss Control Introduction

The Utility Water Audit Process 

Utility Water Audit Case Studies 

Water Loss Control - What Can Be Done?

Water Loss Control in the Great Lakes Region 

The State of Water Loss Control in Drinking Water Utilities

State-Level Water Loss Laws in the United States

Definition of Terms

Looking for a quick definition of a water or conservation related term or concept?  The AWE Glossary has an extensive list of the most commonly used terms in the biz.

AWE Glossary of Common Water Related Terms, Abbreviations, and Definitions 

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