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USWP-Logo-Award-Winner-239x177The Alliance for Water Efficiency is a stakeholder-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water.  Headquartered in Chicago, the Alliance serves as a North American advocate for water efficient products and programs, and provides information and assistance on water conservation efforts.  A diverse Board of Directors governs the organization and has adopted a set of guiding principles and strategic plan.

The Alliance has embarked on seven key tasks to support and enhance water conservation efforts, providing benefit to water utilities, water conservation professionals, planners, regulators, and consumers: 

Stand as a clear and authoritative national voice for water efficiency.

The Alliance for Water Efficiency is a forceful advocate for the sustainable use and stewardship of our precious water resources. 

Provide comprehensive information about water-efficient products, practices, and programs--what works and what doesn’t.

The Alliance for Water Efficiency has created a web-based water conservation resource library that offers product information, best practices specifications, research reports, training materials, program descriptions, codes and standards, program evaluation tools, drought planning and response, and professional expertise. 

Represent the interest of water efficiency in the development of codes and standards.

Codes and standards that mandate water efficiency have driven significant water-use savings. The Alliance for Water Efficiency provides knowledgeable representation in standards writing and advocacy. 

Transform the market for fixtures and appliances.

Consumers want to do the right thing, and water efficiency should be an easy choice. The Alliance for Water Efficiency will help ensure that efficient products are available, tested, and clearly labeled. 

Coordinate with green building initiatives to institutionalize water efficiency.

New green building programs are working to integrate water conservation into other efficiency practices. The Alliance for Water Efficiency coordinates these efforts to ensure that water savings are part of the overall effort. 

Train water conservation professionals.

Water efficiency is a diverse field drawing upon a broad range of disciplines. The Alliance for Water Efficiency will develop core curriculum and technical training materials, and it will work with colleges and universities, trade organizations, and other educational entities to support the development of a professional water conservation work force. 

Educate water users.

Good consumer education represents a key to the long-term success of water conservation efforts. The Alliance for Water Efficiency will provide up-to-date information on water efficient products, practices, and behaviors for the general public.  


Annual Reports

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Annual Report
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AWE 2011 Annual Report Cover
Annual Report
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2010 Annual Report Cover
Annual Report
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Annual Report
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Annual Report
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Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan
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2009-13 Strategic Plan Revisit Cover
Strategic Plan v2
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AWE 2009-2013 Strategic Plan Cover
Strategic Plan
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2007-08 Strategic Plan Cover
Strategic Plan

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AWE-CWE Report CoverLearn how it all began.  Click here to download a PDF of the California Urban Water Conservation Council's December 31, 2005 report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency entitled, Developing a Framework for an Alliance for Water Efficiency: Issues & Options.

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