AWE and San Francisco Awarded Grand Prize in Imagine H2O Water Policy Challenge

IH2O_Logo_Winner_GrayThe Alliance for Water Efficiency teamed up with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to win the $25,000 grand prize in the inaugural Imagine H2O Water Policy Challenge. The initiative, which attracted over 100 submissions, sought to advance the market for water innovation through forward-thinking policy. AWE and SFPUC offered a compelling case for how discrete policy improvements to water reuse and recycling standards could incentive water users to deploy on-site treatment technologies. Click here to learn more.

AWE Webinar on Codes and Standards

WebinarAWE will be hosting a webinar entitled: The Impact of Green Codes and Standards on Water Efficiency - Part II, on February 29, 2016. This webinar will build on the concepts covered in Part I and will address some of the unique water efficiency provisions that constitute the seven dominant green codes and standards. Click here to learn more.

Alliance for Water Efficiency Appoints Five New Board Members

The Alliance for Water Efficiency is pleased to announce the appointment of five new Directors to its Board. The new Directors were approved in December, 2015 and have been appointed to 3-year terms expiring in 2018. AWE is excited for these Directors to apply their extensive knowledge and experience to water scarcity challenges. Click here to learn more.

White House Water Summit

The-White-HouseThe White House has announced a Water Summit on March 22, 2016. This event will raise awareness of water issues and explore potential solutions to America’s water challenges through innovative science and technology. The Obama Administration is inviting organizations to share the steps they’re taking to address these issues, and AWE will participate. Click here to learn more. 

AWE Announces Two Outdoor Water Savings StudiesOutdoor Water Savings Logo SM 

AWE will undertake two new study topics on outdoor water use: Quantifying the Water Savings from Landscape Transformation Programs; and Quantifying the Water Savings from Drought Outdoor Watering Restrictions. RFPs have been drafted for each topic, and funding is now being solicited from study partners. For more information on how to participate in these studies, click here.

32 Congressional Reps Ask for Water Conservation Rebates to be Tax Exempt

legislation dictionaryAWE has been working hard, along with a number of other organizations, to get an amendment to the tax code to make water conservation rebates exempt from federal income tax. On December 11, a letter signed by 32 Congressional Representatives asking for this amendment was sent to the IRS and the Department of the Treasury. For more information, click here

AWE G480 Standard Leaderboard

G480 Leaderboard slideThe Alliance for Water Efficiency is recognizing utilities that have adopted and complied with the voluntary G480 Water Conservation Program Operation and Management Standard. Cobb County Water System is the first utility to appear on the G480 Leaderboard, having achieved Gold Recognition. To learn more about the scoring criteria and how to get your utility on the Leaderboard, click here

AWE Publishes New Edition of its Business Guide

Business-Guide-Cover-(110x142)The Alliance for Water Efficiency just published a new edition of its Business Guide, a complete listing of all our Business & Industry members. This handbook is a great way for utilities, government, and non-profit organizations to find manufacturers and consulting firms that specialize in their specific water needs. To learn more and to download the Guide, click here.

New Resources to Help Utilities Communicate the Value of Water

WWYPF Logo(1)AWE has published new communication tools to help water utilities communicate the value of the water service they provide, and demonstrate how efficient water use keeps water affordable and available for years to come. Learn more here

AWE Releases Report on Water Offset Policies and Announces Net Blue


The Alliance for Water Efficiency released a report documenting policies in the United States that require the projected water demand of new development to be offset with efficiency improvements in existing structures. It also announced Net Blue, a collaborative effort of AWE, the Environmental Law Institute, and River Network that will create tools and resources to help communities grow sustainably. For more information and to download the report click here.

AWE Releases Research Review on Outdoor Water Savings Programs

Outdoor_Water_Savings_Cover FINAL-tnyThe Alliance for Water Efficiency has released the first Phase of its Outdoor Water Savings Research Initiative: a report detailing the research compiled to date and identifying where the gaps in the research occur.  The report is the first step in AWE’s project to help clarify what programs, practices, ad irrigation technologies save the most water.  For more information, click here.

AWE Publishes Financing Sustainable Water Resources for Water Managers

FSW-Logo-SmrThe Alliance for Water Efficiency has launched Financing Sustainable Water, an initiative created to help water managers build better rate structures that improve revenue stability, yet encourage resource efficiency. Aimed at combatting the common misperception that conservation makes rates rise, the Financing Sustainable Water initiative was designed to provide helpful tools and data to water managers, elected officials, and consumers. Learn more here.

Never Waste Consumer Campaign

NW Ad TinyNever Waste is a national campaign to build awareness about the impact of water waste and encourage consumers to make a measurable impact.  The campaign quantifies the amount of water wasted in our daily lives by comparing it to an everyday object – a water bottle.  Find out how you can join the Blue Revolution or participate as an AWE member. Learn more here.