Financing Sustainable Water Handbook - Hardcopy Edition

Building Better Water Rates for an Uncertain World: Balancing Revenue Management, Resource Efficiency, and Fiscal Sustainability

FSW-Handbook-CoverBuilding Better Water Rates for an Uncertain World provides the background and concepts needed to develop, evaluate, and implement an effective efficiency-oriented rate structure. It provides the latest thinking, guidance and real world examples on the following topics:

  • Ratemaking Principles and Concepts
  • Steps for Building a Better (Efficiency-Oriented) Rate Structure
  • Financial Policies and Planning for Improved Fiscal Health
  • Implementing an Efficiency-Oriented Rate Structure
  • Public Engagement and Communications

It precedes and accompanies the AWE Sales Forecasting and Rate Model, a complete rate design tool that applies the concepts in this Handbook.  Technical Appendices on Costing Methods and Demand Forecasting and Revenue Modeling are also available online for download.

How different utility groups may benefit from this 118-page, softcover Handbook:

  • Finance Managers and Rate Analysts may use it to understand the components of a strong financial planning process, devise rate cases that better achieve utility objectives, and communicate rate cases in a compelling way to internal stakeholders.
  • Conservation and Resource Managers may use it to better communicate with finance teams and external groups about the role of efficiency-oriented rates and the value of efficiency as a long-term resource management strategy.
  • Public Affairs and Communications Professionals may use it to devise a public engagement plan around a rate increase or craft key messages for elected officials, community groups, or internal departments about utility financial and resource management objectives.
  • Utility Managers may benefit from the contents to better understand how efficiency supports short-term and long-term financial and resource management goals, and how transforming financial and governance policies can benefit utilities.
  • Board Members and Elected Officials can benefit from this material to understand their new responsibilities, grasp the challenges of rate setting and better support community objectives.

The Model, Appendices and a PDF of this Handbook are available free for download at

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