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The Alliance for Water Efficiency is the only non-profit organization dedicated solely to the sustainable and efficient use of water in North America. We are the leading voice for water efficiency, and we believe that water efficiency helps protect scarce resources for future generations, while also creating stronger, more resilient communities, businesses and ecosystems.

AWE’s strength comes from bringing together ALL stakeholders committed to this belief, including municipalities, water utilities, resource planning agencies, non-profit organizations, academic representatives, business and industry leaders, product manufacturers, irrigation consultants, distributors, and individual citizens. They may come from different countries, regions and industries, but they all share a common goal of achieving a sustainable water future and are leading the way. Our strength lies in our collaboration. AWE members don’t just support AWE’s goals; they partner with us to achieve them.

We're carving a path to a water-efficient and water-secure world, and we invite you to join this group of leading thinkers, decision-makers and pioneers. Select the category below that best fits your organization to learn more about the benefits.

Membership Categories

Water and Wastewater Utilities

Water Main 197x183This category is for small to large water and/or wastewater systems, including the following organizations. Whether you supply 700 or 700,000 people, the Alliance is here to help.

  • Retail water utilities
  • Wholesale water utilities
  • Private water companies
  • Municipal or county utility districts
  • Wastewater utilities

Learn more about utility benefits and membership dues, or apply online.  

Business and Industry

Membership Category B&I

This category is for all companies interested in protecting water resources. This includes:

  • Companies investing in protecting water resources in the communities they operate in. 
  • Manufacturers or distributors of products and technologies that help water systems, businesses or citizens use water efficiently. 
  • Businesses that promote or enable water efficiency or water-saving behaviors through their products or services. 
  • Companies in industries such as plumbing, appliance, irrigation, cooling tower management, building management/real estate or other fields that touch water management.      
  • Home, commercial and industrial builders or developers.  

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Affiliates and Government

Membership Categories AffiliateThis category includes the following groups:

  • Affiliates: Industry associations; universities; not-for-profits; NGOs; water, energy, and environmental-related organizations that do not qualify for other categories and are interested in promoting the mission and objectives of the Alliance.
  • Government: Indian tribes and departments and agencies of federal, state/province, county, and local governments that do not qualify for other categories and are interested in promoting the mission and objectives of the Alliance.

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Watering Can 196x186This category is for individual citizens with an interest in promoting the sustainable and efficient use of water, and who are unaffiliated with a utility, company, or organization. AWE offers information-only memberships for individuals in this category.

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