The Alliance for Water Efficiency is defining itself in the clearest way possible: as North America's leading steward of sustainable water use. We ensure that our members have access to the most effective tools and best experts, and that the water management community recognizes and openly embraces the essential need for water efficiency.

Our 2030 Sustainable Water Vision

We're working toward a world where communities, businesses, and ecosystems have the water they need to thrive. It's a world in which water is properly valued in every form, and proactively, efficiently, and sustainably managed throughout the entire cycle - from the water provider to the tap and back into our waterways.

To get there, we believe we need:


Homeowners and businesses are smart water users, empowered by awareness of the value of water, real-time information, and technologies that help them save indoors and outdoors.
Governments adopt and implement policies to use limited water supplies more sustainably. Policy is a powerful tool to promote sustainable water use.
Price signals inform customers of the value of water, and financially resilient water providers can deliver reliable, safe, and affordable water service.
Water efficiency is addressed in the context of a broader, systems-based perspective, and viewed as an inseparable part of the full water delivery system to achieve the goals of maximizing savings.

Our Approach

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