WaterView™ is a custom data management tool from Eagle Aerial Solutions designed to help water professionals meet efficiency and allocation requirements. It is currently being used by over 50 water agencies. WaterView™ allows water agencies to analyze total water allocation at the parcel level, helps spot water use trends, and tracks and manages over-allocation users within each district.

As a data management platform, WaterView™ combines multiple data sets (daily local ET readings, parcel data, demographic data, irrigated landscape square footage, household size, etc.) to allow precise, targeted conservation efforts at the district, group, and customer levels. These targeted efficiency assessments and outreach capabilities will lead to more effective conservation campaigns while saving money over untargeted, large-scale outreach efforts. 

The platform’s in-depth data mining and analytical querying capabilities allow water managers to spot water use trends, track and manage “over-allocation” users within a service area, and identify targeted land classification types like high turf areas, essential for drought management.


  • Analyzes and visually reports, via multiple “dashboards”, current and historical efficiency performance from the district to the individual customer level.
  • Helps spot water use trends, track and manage over-allocation users within each district, and identify targeted land classification types like high turf areas for effective rebating.
  • Helps design and implement a wide variety of precisely targeted water conservation campaigns AND assess the effectiveness of those campaigns over time.

WaterView™ includes:

  • The ability to continuously determine use and efficiency from parcel-level to district level
  • High-resolution aerial imagery
  • Daily ET data automatically integrated
  • Detailed demographic data for more accurate indoor water use efficiency measurements
  • Parcel data and district boundaries
  • GIS tools to zoom in/out, query by data (parcel, address, customer number, etc.), draw/measure, search, and query by designated areas
  • Ability to integrate water use data from your district (using our customized data loader tool)
  • Other tools, functionality, and data as districts determine to be helpful.

AWE Member Discount

A 10% discount is available for AWE members! Eagle Aerial will also pay 100% of AWE member dues for the first two years (up to $5,000) for districts that join AWE at the time they subscribe to WaterView. Click here to email Rachel at AWE to learn more about this discount opportunity.