The Alliance for Water Efficiency is excited to announce our latest member-only benefit offering, a partnership with Yoppify! Yoppify offers friendly tech solutions to support your conservation goal. Yoppify helps you engage the right people in your programs, deliver water use insights like never before, alert water users with precision, and build a foundation of trust in your conservation efforts.  

  • Rebate Programs:  Maximize water savings and optimize your budget by targeting programs to residents with the greatest capacity to conserve.
  • Leak Alerts: Bypass the need for cumbersome customer logins, easily send leak alerts by text, email, phone call, or mailer.
  • Watering Restrictions: Keep your community informed and compliant through direct, targeted messages. Ensure vital watering restrictions are communicated effectively via text and email.
  • Monitoring & Reporting: Send personalized water use insights directly to residents and track the indicators that matter to your organization.
  • Public Education: Transform awareness into action. Utilize Yoppify's targeted notifications to make your public education campaigns more impactful, one personalized message at a time.
  • Billing Statements: Deliver tailored insights based on monthly meter reads or AMI data.

Exclusive AWE Member Benefits:

Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on Yoppify’s annual service fees, plus a waived implementation fee, available to AWE members.

Additional Resources for AWE Members — Complimentary and with No Obligation:

  • Analysis of Current Resident Reach: Benefit from a free analysis of your customer contact database. Yoppify will check your customer phone numbers and emails for correct formatting, geo-code service locations, verify the textability of phone numbers, and provide a detailed report highlighting any missing contact information.
  • Core Messaging Templates: Gain access to messaging templates used by Yoppify’s active utility partners.
  • Community Engagement Score: Discover your agency's strengths and areas for growth with a comprehensive engagement evaluation, based on Yoppify’s five-step approach to fostering community trust and active participation in conservation.

Click here to connect with the Yoppify team or schedule a demo at www.yoppify.com

Click here to view a recording of a webinar about the program. The Yoppify segment begins at minute 43.