AWE and Flume Announce Collaboration to Provide Water Use Monitoring and Data to Alliance Members

The Alliance for Water Efficiency and Flume Inc. are excited to announce our collaboration on a one-of-a-kind program to provide unique water use monitoring and data benefits to AWE Members throughout the country.

Any AWE water agency member can offer Flume monitoring devices to their customers at discounted prices, with purchases made on a website created by Flume that is unique to the agency’s service area. Agencies have the option to apply rebate funds to further reduce the price. Working with existing metering infrastructure—from manually read meters to AMI—Flume measures water use every 5 seconds and provides real-time water use information.

Through the AWE-Flume program, AWE members gain exclusive access to:

1. Real-Time Water Monitoring: Flume pinpoints water use with down-to-the-minute data to catch leaks and provide source-specific water use reports and insights to both customers and utilities.

2. Improved Customer Relations: Through real-time information and smart-phone applications, Flume helps customers better understand their water use and improves utility-customer relationships.

3. Real-Time Data, Separated by Indoor and Outdoor: Utilities can visualize customer-specific water use for their community, broken into indoor and outdoor water use. Aggregated water use data and end-use studies can optionally be provided by Flume.

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Click here to view a recording of a webinar about the program.