Conservation Tracking Tool

September 18, 2021

Need help in planning your water conservation programs? The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) has a solution for you. First released in 2009 after a successful beta testing period with a number of water utilities, the Tracking Tool is now in Version 4.0 (2021) and has over 400 users. The Tracking Tool is an Excel-based model that can evaluate the water savings, costs, and benefits of conservation programs for a specific water utility, using either English or Metric units. Using information entered into the Tracking Tool from the utility’s system, it provides a standardized methodology for water savings and benefit-cost accounting, and includes a library of 50 pre-defined conservation activities from which users can build conservation programs. The California Edition of the tool can be used by California members to compare projected water use to their AB 1668/SB 606 water use objectives.   

The Tracking Tool is available free of charge to AWE members in good standing. Learn more here