Landscape Transformation: Assessment of Water Utility Programs and Market Readiness Evaluation

February 14, 2019
landscape transformation executive summary cover

The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) initiated its Outdoor Water Savings Research Initiative in 2015 to identify and clarify what programs, practices, and irrigation technologies can support effective utility-driven outdoor water efficiency programs.

In February 2019, AWE launched its Landscape Transformation Study. AWE’s Landscape Transformation Study consisted of two parts: an Impact Analysis and a Process Evaluation. The Impact Analysis examined various landscape transformation programs to provide new empirical data on their effectiveness. The Process Evaluation included surveys with homeowners and supply chain participants, as well as analysis of industry reports and of market segmentation, to assess attitudes around water-efficient landscapes.

The resources generated by this study can be downloaded individually in the list below. AWE members in good standing have access to exclusive resources that can be obtained by clicking the member-only related link at the bottom of this page.

  1. Executive Summary  - Summarizes key findings of both the Impact Analysis and Process Evaluation reports
  2. Analytics Report  - Includes an Impact Analysis that evaluates landscape water savings (Non-Member edition with 14 program descriptions omitted)
  3. Market Analysis and Recommendations Report  - Primary focus is customer motivations and reasons for landscape transformation (Non-Member edition with 14 program descriptions omitted) 
  4. Infographic (.jpg) - Sustainable Landscapes: Can Our Lawns Solve Our Water Challenges

To view the corresponding webinar summarizing the findings of this study, click here.

Member-Only Benefit

The below listed resources are a member-only benefit. Click here to request the following: 

  • Analytics Report (Member edition, including the 14 water utility program descriptions)  
  • Market Analysis and Recommendations Report (Member edition, including the 14 water utility program descriptions)
  • Factsheet: Making the Case for Landscape Transformation Programs