Our Work

The Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) partners with our members and other organizations to produce the research, tools, resources, and information they need to advance water efficiency in their communities. Our work has helped water professionals seize new opportunities, uncover challenges, and break down barriers to achieve sustainable water use. To get involved and help define the work we do, join the AWE network today.


In August 2012, the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) and The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread co-hosted a summit with water utility managers, rate experts, price regulators, economists, and advocacy groups to explore the issues surrounding declining water sales, utility revenue losses, and the impact on conservation programs. Prior to the summit, a white paper was developed to frame the discussion. Following the summit, the white paper was finalized with comments from the participants.

The Problem

AWE's consumer website Home Water Works, features an advanced household water calculator. This stunning website was created to give consumers the best and most relevant information about conserving water at home, and offers water saving tips and information about every major water-using fixture and appliance found in homes today.


A summary of the year's activities.

Professionally, 2011 was a productive and exciting year for the Alliance; financially, it was a challenging year in light of the continued economic downturn and belt-tightening throughout our stakeholder industries. Despite the challenges, membership continued to grow, and the Alliance continued to provide valuable member benefits in the areas of research, education, and technical assistance. 

The Colorado River basin presents the greatest water management challenges of any river basin in the nation, with ever-expanding demands for multiple water uses, water demand exceeding supply, valued but fragile ecosystems, and support for nearly every type of water-relevant interest. The importance of instream flows–the amount of water flowing in a stream or river– is more pressing than ever, but in many parts of the basin, all water is spoken for.

Recognizing a need for collaborative actions, the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)  secured a grant from the Turner Foundation to bring these two communities together to establish a blueprint for future joint efforts and to envision a policy agenda that could drive actions at the federal, state, local, and watershed levels.

Water pricing plays a central role in water resource stewardship and sustainability, and is a key element in water conservation programs. Funded by the Great Lakes Commission  and the Great Lakes Protection Fund the Alliance for Water Efficiency conducted workshops on conserv