Hidden Reservoir: Why Water Efficiency is the Best Solution for the Southeast

Geographical Focus: 
American Rivers
Published Date: 
October 22, 2008

Says water efficiency can save metro Atlanta $700 million and up to one third of the region’s current water supply.

Metro Atlanta could save over $700 million and up to one third of its water supply by embracing water efficiency solutions like stopping leaks and upgrading old buildings according to a new report, “Hidden Reservoir: why water efficiency is the best solution for the Southeast” by American Rivers, a leading national river conservation organization. The report outlines nine proven, timely and cost-effective steps that local leaders can take to save water and help ensure their rivers remain valuable community assets.

Water efficiency is the most cost-effective water supply solution, far cheaper than getting supply through new dams. Metro Atlanta can save between $300 and $700 million by choosing water efficiency over new dam construction according to the report.

“Water efficiency is the 21st century solution to the drought-stricken Southeast’s water problems and must be the backbone of the region’s water supply plan,” said Rebecca Wodder, president of American Rivers.

“Our message to Georgia’s leaders is that water efficiency should be the first source of supply. It simply makes no sense to build a dam or other expensive and damaging water supply project, when water efficiency solutions are cost-effective, proven, and timely,” Wodder said.

American Rivers is a leading national organization standing up for healthy rivers so communities can thrive. American Rivers protects and restores America’s rivers for the benefit of people, wildlife and nature.  Founded in 1973, American Rivers has more than 65,000 members and supporters nationwide, with offices in Washington, DC and the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, California and Northwest regions.