2022 State Scorecard

In 2022, the Alliance for Water Efficiency released the third edition of the U.S. State Policy Scorecard for Water Efficiency and Sustainability (Scorecard). The Scorecard evaluated and ranked each U.S. state based on the adoption of laws and policies that advance water efficiency, conservation, sustainability, and affordability. California was the top-ranked state, followed by Texas, Arizona, Washington, and Georgia to round out the top five.

While some states improved since AWE’s previous Scorecard was released in 2017, the analysis found little progress overall, even as droughts and other climate change impacts increasingly undermine affordable, reliable water services. The average state score was only 23 out of 89 possible points. “Providing sustainable water services is increasingly costly and complicated because of climate change and other factors,” said Ron Burke, President and CEO of AWE. “It’s important that states, as well as the federal government, support local efforts to reduce water use with financial assistance, policies that drive best practices, and planning that facilitates cooperation across watersheds.”

Click here to access the Full Report, Executive Summary, Press Release, 2022 State Scorecard Grading Results, and Individual State Scorecards.