2024 Calendar for WEC Practitioners

AWE created this calendar as a new member-only resource for 2024. Many organizations have created helpful media and outreach kits to help individuals, organizations, and communities celebrate water-related holidays throughout the year. We wanted to gather these resources together as a one-stop shop for busy water conservation practitioners to use in their work. We hope this calendar will be a helpful resource for you as you begin planning your social media and outreach events for 2024.

Consider this calendar a jumping-off point for your community engagement and communications efforts. For example, on “International Coffee Day” you might choose to partner with a local coffee shop and create custom coffee sleeves highlighting the role that access to clean, available water has on people’s ability to enjoy a nice cup of joe and then share photos from the event using hashtags like #NoCoffeeNoWater #InternationalCoffeeDay2024. Or, for Women’s History Month, create a series of posts highlighting some of the women in your organization working hard to advance water efficiency efforts in your community through their role.


  • National holidays celebrated in the United States and Canada, water-related events, and major water conservation conferences
  • Clickable links to online resources, including social media kits and outreach event ideas related to the various water-related events and holidays. These are found under the “Resource” column on each page of the calendar.
  • Relevant hashtags to include in social media posts to join the digital conversation surrounding a specific day or event.
  • Extra space to add notes or relevant events in your community.

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