G480-13 Legacy Leaderboard

Below is the archived G480-13 Leaderboard, where AWE verfied water utility compliance for the G480-13 Standard from 2014 through 2020. These water providers have developed and implemented exceptional water conservation programs and they are recognized here. The updated version of the G480 standard, the G480-20 was released in 2021. To view the current leaderboard for the updated G480-20, click here.

Criteria for Different Levels of Compliance

  • Platinum = 100% Compliance. 
  • Gold = Missing completion of 1 subarea requirement.  Progress made in all major categories.
  • Silver = Missing completion of 2 subareas or 1 subarea deemed highly significant. Progress made in all major categories.
  • Exemplary Wholesaler = A wholesale water agency that has achieved all of the applicable sections of the G480, and demonstrates a strong commitment to water conservation.

Leaderboard Title Header

Platinum Seal
City of Aurora (CO)

Austin Water Utility (TX)

Irvine Ranch Water District (CA)

City of Santa Barbara (CA)

City of Santa Cruz (CA)

Valencia Water Company (CA)

Western Municipal Water District (CA)

Gold Seal
Cobb County Water System (GA)

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (CA)

City of Flagstaff (AZ)

City of Sacramento (CA)

Silver Seal
City of Bend (OR)

City of Guelph (Ontario, Canada)

Orange County Utilities (FL)

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (CA)

Upper Trinity Regional Water District (TX)