Manufacturing facilities can provide great opportunity for water efficiency and conservation. This sector is diverse and often contains a water provider’s largest customers. The most common uses for water in manufacturing are cooling, process uses, cleaning, employee sanitation, and steam generation, all of which present opportunities to improve water use efficiency.

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Each manufacturing process is unique in its water use. A thorough audit of the water use is often needed to assess where the water is used, the water quality needs of each end use, and where the savings opportunities exist. Water utilities have found success in collaboration with facility engineers and management who are intimately familiar with their processes and equipment: involving these stakeholders in the water audit process helps achieve a satisfactory plan for water use reduction.

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February 24, 2021
AWE has released its highly-anticipated Cooling Tower Estimating Model (CTEM).and the accompanying guide titled, "Taking Inventory: A Guide for Identifying Cooling Towers and Estimating Water Use."