An Assessment of Water Affordability in Long Beach

This webinar will explore AWE's new report, An Assessment of Water Affordability in Long Beach, CA. The report evaluates water affordability in Long Beach and the extent to which water efficiency and conservation can help families, particularly disadvantaged families, lower their water and sewer bills. The report finds that Long Beach has implemented extensive water efficiency and conservation programs that can lower the average water bills for single-family residential customers up to 22% and that such programs can continue to save customers money. 

This is the second installment of AWE’s water affordability assessments, following 2020’s analysis on affordability in Detroit. These reports help address socioeconomic inequities by identifying the extent and scope of water affordability challenges, as well as tangible steps that water utilities and consumers can take to reduce the financial burden of water and sewer bills.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022
9 a.m. PST | 10 a.m. MST | 11 a.m. CST | Noon EST
1 hour


Ron Burke , President and CEO, Alliance for Water Efficiency; Brad Spilka , Program Planner, Alliance for Water Efficiency; Elise Goldman , Resource Specialist, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.