AWE/EPA WaterSense Outdoor Water Webinar - The Hunt for Water-Efficient Turfgrass

Across the US, shifts in local climate are creating new challenges for water demand and management. The growing frequency of drought, and the question of water allocation has come to a head with land use and ornamental landscaping expectations. While turfgrass has long been a symbol of American life, and in the right place can create safe recreational spaces and mitigate heat island impacts, when mismanaged it can be a substantial source of water waste. Researchers are actively working to identify cultivars of turfgrass that are more water-efficient and drought tolerant. Join WaterSense and the Alliance for Water Efficiency with guest speakers Kevin Morris from the National Turfgrass Federation (NTF) and Geoffrey Rinehart, Coordinator of the NTF Grass Roots Initiative, on Wednesday March 2nd to tackle the conversation around water-efficient turfgrasses and discuss efforts to develop turfgrass types that can suit your needs, give functional use to a landscape, and thrive in your local climate with less water.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022
11 a.m. PST | Noon MST | 1 p.m. CST | 2 p.m. EST
1 hour


Kevin Morris National Turfgrass Federation (NTF); Geoffrey Rinehart Coordinator of the NTF Grass Roots Initiative