California's New Conservation Requirements: Coming to a Theater Near You?

On May 31, 2018 Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law two new bills that will require urban water providers throughout California to set new permanent water use targets for their service areas by 2022. These bills provide a framework for setting water use targets, as well as implementing and enforcing the new water use requirements. This webinar cuts through the noise and gives you the facts about what this legislation really contains (and what it doesn’t), how new water targets will be calculated, the timeline for implementation, and an overview of enforcement and reporting requirements. They say as California goes, so goes the nation – so whether you’re from the Golden State or curious to learn about what could be a new model for the nation, this webinar is for you.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
11 a.m. PDT | Noon MDT | 1 p.m. CDT | 2 p.m. EDT
1 hour


Mary Ann Dickinson, President and CEO, Alliance for Water Efficiency; Amy Talbot, Board Chair, California Water Efficiency Partnership and Water Efficiency Program Manager, Regional Water Authority; Tia Lebherz, Director of Outreach & Special Projects, California Water Efficiency Partnership

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