Introduction to Water Conservation Program Planning

***PLEASE NOTE - Recordings of both Parts 1 and 2, along with related handouts, are hosted on a Thinkific course page.  Access costs $75/person. Click here to gain access.***

This is the first class module in what would ultimately be a series of courses on water efficiency and conservation. This course, split into two recorded sessions, is an overview of planning steps for a successful water conservation program that incorporates the basic steps from Amy Vickers’s widely referenced Handbook of Water Use and Conservation and other planning sources.

The course presentation includes: 

  • Common conservation and efficiency definitions and concepts and units of water measurement;
  • Long-term conservation strategies compared to short-term drought response; 
  • Impacts of conservation on future water demands and water and wastewater capital facility planning and costs; 
  • Contrasts between water supply-side and demand-side economics, policies, and planning approaches; 
  • Why and how to establish water saving goals for conservation plans; 
  • Water use data analytics and how to evaluate common customer demand characteristics and per capita metrics; 
  • Connections between water demands and water quality, population, environment, health, and climate;  and
  • Features of successful conservation programs. 

A recorded discussion among Amy, Mary Ann and live webinar participants follows the presentations, and numerous handouts are available to view and down by paid participants. 

Thursday, September 17, 2020


Amy Vickers , President, Amy Vickers & Associates; Mary Ann Dickinson , {past} President & CEO, Alliance for Water Efficiency

***PLEASE NOTE - Recordings of both Parts 1 and 2, along with related handouts, are hosted on a Thinkific course page. Access costs $75/person. Click here to gain access. ***

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