AWE Wins 2021 WaterSense Excellence Award for Strategic Collaboration

EPA WaterSense's first 2021 Excellence Award goes to the Alliance for Water Efficiency for Excellence in Strategic Collaboration!

“Thanks to its continued commitment to collaborate on water conservation efforts in 2020, the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) has won its fifth Excellence Award for Strategic Collaboration. AWE has a WaterSense and Water-Efficient Products Advisory Committee whose mission is to improve water efficiency through the adoption of WaterSense labeled products and water-saving professional services; during committee meetings, WaterSense has a standing time slot to update the group on all its activities. AWE also partners with WaterSense to produce a periodic outdoor water use webinar series. Three webinars held in 2020 focused on topics such as landscape transformations and the WaterSense Your Better Yard campaign. In collaboration with two educators, AWE created Learning Landscapes: Outdoor Water Efficiency and Conservation Lessons, to teach the importance of using water efficiently outdoors. Finally, AWE, with funding from WaterSense partner Kohler Co., published a report in 2020 about the affordability of water and sewer service in Detroit. The report included an evaluation of the potential savings from replacing older toilets with new, WaterSense labeled models.”