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Past Webinars

AWE’s Never Waste campaign is a consumer-facing educational campaign built around the idea of a water bottle to quantify and measure how much water we waste daily – and it’s free for member use! Learn about this campaign.
The National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations (NASBA) offers great opportunities to distribute public education messages. Learn about how to explore and pursue this opportunity in your own state.
This webinar explores the options for water and energy utilities to work together, and provides guidance as well as specific examples of successful programs in the field.
A webinar providing new information on the Water-Energy Nexus, an issue that is more important than ever and increasingly drawing national attention in the wake of President Obama’s commitment to more sustainable resource management.
This webinar discusses the true causes of the current water utility revenue losses and provides guidance on how to consider conservation a financial asset to the utility and not a detriment.
AWE, with funding from the Great Lakes Protection Fund, assessed five representative industries within the Great Lakes watershed that are supplied with treated drinking water and that discharge to a local wastewater utility.
On November 26, 2012 the Plumbing Efficiency Research Coalition (PERC) released its long-awaited Phase 1 Study, Drainline Transport of Solid Waste in Buildings.
A webinar to introduce a consumer information campaign. Based on the concept of "never waste," the campaign emphasizes how much water is wasted during typical consumer actions and events.
This webinar introduced the final draft of the above titled state scorecard.
What does membership in the Alliance for Water Efficiency bring you? Hear about the myriad programs and products that the Alliance offers to its members.
This 90-minute webinar features instructor Reinhard Sturm, co-author of the classic NRW textbook Water Loss Control.
This webinar provides you with some basic technical information so that you can discuss irrigation management with your residential as well as your commercial customers
Join the Alliance for Water Efficiency team for this one-hour webinar which will explore all the cool features of our consumer information web site, Home Water Works.
A report from the Alliance for Water Efficiency, American Rivers, and the Environmental Law Institute outlines practical possibilities for linking water efficiency efforts and healthier instream flows in the Colorado River basin.
Need help in planning your water conservation programs? The Alliance for Water Efficiency has a solution for you and a webinar to tell you all about it.