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Past Webinars

Learn from conservation experts about the basics of water use restrictions, the various options available to water managers, and how to maximize savings from this efficiency measure.
Why does the Alliance for Water Efficiency place such a high priority on following the development of Codes and Standards? Because they are effective! But how does it all work? Find out in this webinar.
This webinar offers an overview of behavioral economics, provides a primer on how water management professionals can benefit from doing randomized controlled trials, and summarizes some actual experiments.
EPA WaterSense and the Alliance for Water Efficiency partnered to provide a "Time for a Sprinkler Spruce-Up" webinar.
This webinar describes the turfgrass research conducted by Utah State University’s Center for Water Efficient Landscaping and other cooperating Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) researchers.
This webinar reviews the technology, its application in water efficiency management, and critical success factors for deploying AMI and realizing all the benefits.
A webinar on the financial issues of water efficiency in the Colorado River Basin.
This webinar showcases two AWE members who are merging technology and scientific findings to help create smarter water consumers at home and in the classroom.
This webinar addresses the emerging issue of pathogen growth in water efficient systems, highlights best practices for ensuring safety and efficiency in these building systems, and provides guidance on how to manage messages about this.
AWE has launched a new series of resources and tools to provide practical information to water managers on developing, evaluating and implementing rate structures that balance revenue management, resource efficiency and fiscal sustainability.
An informative webinar on how to benefit from AWE’s free water usage calculator and provide useful information for your customers.
This webinar explores all elements of the G480 standard and discusses the activities that can be undertaken by a utility within its own operations to improve water use.
This webinar discusses a project from the Water Research Foundation (Project 4372) that will help managers analyze and reduce water utility system leakage in the most cost-effective way.
This webinar features the internationally recognized CII programs of City West Water in Melbourne, Australia.
This webinar presents innovative outdoor water conservation program ideas and examples that have been tested and proven successful through actual implementation.